Friday, 6 March 2015

How I Pampered My Uggi?

Most babies like to laugh. There is not a more pleasing sight than a laughing baby. And not a more annoying sight than a wailing one. Don’t you remember that one annoying baby in the bus or the airplane or the cinema hall who made your life miserable? Most often, crying babies are either hungry, or hurt, or wet. When babies are with their mothers and fathers, with milk bottles, would they be hungry? No. If it’s a healthy baby, would they be hurt. Very rarely, they would be. So why do they cry? It’s because they are wet.

I have a baby. His name is Utkarsh, and we call him Uggi. Uggi was born exactly a year ago, the same month, March. The last one year has been quite a journey for me and his father. Uggi is not a crybaby. He enjoys going out. Take him to a mall, let him see the fancy lights and smell the soothing fragrance, he will pass an ear to ear smile that outgrows his face. Take him to any well lighted place, Uggi turns crazy with happiness. What he hates, and what we hate too, thanks to him, is taking him to a cinema hall. Once we took him to a cinema hall and we had made wear a diaper, a common brand, and he kept crying. I tried to feed him, but he was not interested. He wasn’t hungry. He didn’t seem to be in pain either. His hands kept inching towards his diaper, as if urging us to remove it for him. I opened the diaper to find out that despite the promise of keeping my baby’s bottom dry and sealed, the diaper was damp. His buttocks were wrinkled and red. We were angry, so were the people around us because of our wailing Uggi, and we stormed out of the movie theater and rushed to a Chemist’s shop.

We asked for a brand that could seal the pee, that could help keep my baby dry. There wasn’t one he said. It was not until this year that I found out that finally there is a brand which can help Uggi remain the outdoor baby that he is, who loves going out, who loves lights and cinema, who loves the dryness promised by the new Pampers Baby Dry. Its Magic Gel locked in moisture so helps Uggi’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. Besides, Uggi never complains. It’s like a baby diaper pampering him, true to its name.

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