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An Interview with the entrepreneur Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal - An entrepreneur, an author, and a part-time scientist, indeed a child prodigy; what shall I write to introduce him, he leaves me amazed with his dynamic profile.

Worth Growth Partners

Let's read what he has to share with us: 

1. On the basis of what I know about you, you are a child-prodigy! To begin with tell me about your
earliest childhood dream, what you wanted to be when you were a kid?

=> Deep sea diver, a traveler and Banking as a full-time profession, these were the things Ivisualized myself doing. I know I have to justify: Why Banking? It was because I felt that Bank is the only place which had the combination of sexy formals, less work, more money and more time for your better half
(Yes, even then I used to think of a family. Chuckles!)

2. You were just 13 years old when you started working with Bharti Airtel Ltd. Tell us about the project on which you worked?

=>“ROAR WITH SPEED”-The project that I was leading at my concerned areas. It was the boom-boom time of telecom. We were designated the tough project of 1 million consumers in10 months and YES, WE ACCOMPLISHED. First Success ;)

3. Being just 13 year old, how did you get into such a project? What made you initiate your career at such a stage of life?

=> Glamour of working there coupled with a non-sync of character and thought with peers made way. I wanted to do something different since childhood and the right people opened up right doors. Rest all is as they say - BURRED.

4. You also worked with GSK and Astha International before becoming an entrepreneur yourself. How was your experience with it?

=> Lovely Corporate culture & experiences - It was there that I learnt what it is like handling a team, what does being the boss feel like and what it means to get people to work ‘with’ you and not ‘for’ you.

5. You were 16 when you got invited to the Mini Lindau-Asian Science Camp to interact with Nobel Laureates and students across the globe and discuss scientific research. How was your experience with it?

=> “Renaissance”-That took me to the next level. Many around me might not acknowledge but that sort of an exposure changed me. That was the time my heart spoke-“I Have Arrived” Haha..

6. You started Worth Growth Partners, an International Business Services Company when you were just 16. That’s something incredible! How did the idea come? What brought out an entrepreneur in you?

=> This is interesting. A German Friend wanted to expand to India and understood nothing about how it works here-especially because of the bureaucratic red-tape. I said I would do and once that was executed-till date there has been no looking back.

7. You have also authored- “An Encyclopedia of Indian Engineering Colleges”? What made you think of writing it?

=> This was again Entrepreneurship. Here’s the blog about it: Entrepreneurial Author

8. You are an author, an entrepreneur and also a part-time scientist. What do you like being the most and why?

=> None. In case they are the options: Entrepreneurship is any day the best thing. The idea is to spend every minute creating and delivering fun and value. If there isn’t an option - being a person whom people perceive as lovable would be the answer.

9. Where do you see yourself after 10 years?
=> I play the Sachin way-“Take one ball at a time”. So overall I can just say that I may not be single then.

10. Tell us about your ‘Hospitality disruptor’ project. What is the whole idea behind it?

=> That is my dream curation. Can’t reveal a lot of details but for the initiation it brings back the Indian Culture of staying in other’s home rather than hotels in a big-big commercial ways. The results, as they say, only time will tell.

11. You have also registered at U of London’s India Center as a regular student. What are your aspirations with it?

=> Haven’t got time to be there since long; I try to teach at Amity generally as a visiting professor.

12. Just because you do a lot of things you seem to be a busy man. How do you define ‘fun’ in your life?

=> Spending quite evenings at my home or grooving away at clubs I love clubs like Agni or Aqua-although I don’t drink. They are contrasts which define me and hence are the reason that I can get along with any person and snatch across a talk.

13. Tell us in a nutshell about who is Ritesh Agarwal in reality. Someone who likes to play basket ball and raft at Rishikesh or someone who is building his own stair-case to endless success?

=> Hey, do you follow me Saumya? You know so much. On a serious note - Both. I just spend time the best way I can by appropriate means. In case it is work-I love doing it and enjoy then - similarly when I play basketball I love shooting those 3-pointers back to back..

14. From your profile you seem to be an amazing dream-chaser. There are plenty of dreamers on this earth; what would you advise to them?

=> Start working for your dream or somebody else will someday put you to work to chase his’-ahead you are intelligent enough.

Rapid fire round:

Q: Favorite cuisine?

=> Punjabi.

Q: Favorite place?

=> Mussorie.

Q:  Favorite book?

=> The Dork Series by Sidin and Harry Potter.

Q: Who inspires you?

=> Larry Page from Google Inc

Q: Favorite music?

=> Jazz is generally the genre

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