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An Interview with Bhavook Bhardwaj

Bhavook Bhardwaj – An economics honors student, an acclaimed footballer, an excellent photographer shares about his passion towards photography. As we say a photographer is a happy person, they see beauty in everything that crosses their vision and the lenses of their camera, let us read how this person made his life a story to inspire.


Here goes a very delightful conversation that I had with him:

1. Photography is an amazing hobby. How did you start with it?

=> Yes it is, indeed! I wanted to start it long back, but I didn't have a camera at that time. I started saving money for it and gradually accumulated cash over the time and bought a semi-pro digital camera. Thereafter,  I started with serious photography.
2. How would you define creativity through your photographs?

=> Creativity is hard to define. Everyone perceives it in their own way. I may seem creative to one person and at the same time dull to another. If someone finds my work creative, I will be greatly obliged to him/her!

3. How difficult is it for you to bring out something new in your pictures every time?

=> It is not difficult at all. At every point of time we come across various moments that can be captured. All that is needed is to have a vision, a perspective towards such things. After all, each photo tells us a story which is unique in its own way.

4. Tell us about your Facebook page ‘Epitome’, why this name?

=> Epitome is the page that has been started by me and 2 of my friends who are photography enthusiasts as well. This name was chosen by me because the word ‘epitome’ means perfect example of something and in this case, 'something' refers to photography. Our aim is to create a whole new level of photography.

5. Which is your favourite subject in photography? What inclines you to that particular type of photography?
=> Conceptual photography, I have an inclination towards it. Well, what inclines me towards it is nothing but fascination. I am really fascinated by conceptual photos for example I have a photograph clicked by me which shows India Gate through a transparent globe. It has been appreciated by various senior photographers for the concept. And its caption reads ‘In its hundred years as capital of India, Delhi with
its spirit has indeed captured the world!’. You can have a look at it. =>

6. What does photography mean to you in life? How would you define your passion towards it?

=> Photography means a lot in my life. I have great passion for it. It is one of those things which I can do and learn forever and never be tired of. It has not been long since I have started photography but I am sure I would never stop doing it in my entire life! There is so much to learn, so much to do in this field.

7. One tip you would like to give to the budding photographers?
=> I myself am a budding photographer, but to those who have started I would like to tell them that I feel a good photographer is the one who puts in his efforts and imagination in photography. Never imitate others, have a vision of your own.

8. How do you inculcate photography in your daily life? Do you carry your camera everywhere or you go to places with the sole purpose of photography?

=> As I told you, every moment comes up with something worth capturing. So daily life is full of interesting photographs, if you look from my point of view. Not always, but I do try to carry my camera wherever possible. You can see from my photographs, most of them will reflect day to day life instances only.

9. You say your first passion is football. Tell us about your interest in sports.

=> Yes it is! I have been playing football since class 6th. It is my first passion in life. Presently I play for a club ‘Collegians FC’. I have been into sports for a long time. I have represented my school team at the zonal level and state level in badminton, table tennis, and football. I was also the sports captain of my school.

10. You also mentioned it to me that you are planning to take up tour management as a part time job. Why tour management?

=> Yes. It is the perfect job for a travel, photography and food enthusiast like me. It’s the only job where you get paid for traveling. Getting to see new places and explore them, their cuisines, that's all that I want!

11. What are your future plans with photography? Would you pursue it as a hobby or would you get into it professionally?

=> Photography is more than a hobby to me. I would love to get into it professionally.

12. Is photography a talent inborn in you or you took any training?

=> Neither a talent inborn nor lessons from somewhere. It is something that I have developed over time with observation and curiosity.

13. Being good in studies and studying Eco. Hons. You must have come across a lot of nerds. What would you say about the importance of passion for something other than studies to all the nerds alive?

=> A life without a passion is like a camera without battery! Or like a football match without a football. Earning money, studying etc won’t give you the ultimate happiness of life but pursuing your passion would certainly give – that’s all I would like to say to them.

14. 5 years ahead what all do you see yourself doing?

=> Seriously speaking, I really don’t know! Let’s see what life holds for me.

Rapid fire round:

Q. Fav. Photographer?

=> Bhavook Bhardwaj! :P

Q. Fav. Sportsperson?

=> Lionel Andres Messi.

Q. One thing about photography that you love the most?

=>The happiness when someone appreciates my photography!

Q: What would you rather be? An economist, a photographer or a footballer?

=> Footballer!

Q: Fav. Cuisine?

=> Italian.

Q: Fav. Place for photography purpose?

=> Old Delhi.

To go through his page - click on  Epitome

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